Jaime Lopez of 'Super Sized Salon' dead at 37 of 'heart complications'

 December 22, 2022

Jaime Lopez, the plus-sized star of WE tv's "Super Sized Salon" show, reportedly died in a hospital over the weekend, according to The Federalist.

Lopez, who was only 37 years old and an icon of the overweight activist-led "body positivity" movement, is believed to have died due to heart issues.

Obese star had heart problems

Celebrity news site TMZ reported that Lopez died during the weekend after having been hospitalized in Las Vegas, Nevada for heart complications.

In addition to being the star of the "Super Sized Salon" show, Lopez was also the creator and founder of Babydoll Beauty Couture, which caters specifically to plus-sized women.

Lopez, who at one point weighed as much as 846 pounds and had been confined to a bed as she launched her company and designed her salon, had recently lost around 400 pounds in a process that was documented by her show on WE tv.

TMZ noted that the show had just premiered earlier this year and that filming for a second season was just about to begin when Lopez passed away.

A "tremendous" and "extraordinary loss"

The death of Lopez had first been announced via a statement posted to the official Instagram account for Babydoll Beauty Couture.

"On behalf of the Babydoll Beauty Couture team, we regretfully announce, with great pain, the passing of The Founder & Owner of Babydoll Beauty Couture, The Legendary Jamie Lopez," the statement said.

"We ask, on behalf of the Babydoll family, that you allow us time to process this tremendous loss. Further details and arrangements will be announced soon," the statement added. "We have suffered an extraordinary loss and appreciate the time and space to grieve in peace. Please keep our Babydoll family & team lifted in your hearts and prayers."

"Body positivity" movement is bad for people's health

Though details are sparse with regard to the death of Lopez, The Federalist pointed out that it is a safe assumption that her excessive weight likely played a role in the "heart complications" that had her hospitalized just prior to her passing.

Unfortunately for Lopez and other obese individuals like her who champion the "body positivity" movement, its slogan of "healthy at any size" is simply not true.

The outlet noted that an estimated 77 percent of Americans are overweight compared to ideal health standards, and around 40 percent are considered to be obese, and there are well-documented links between obesity and increased risk of an assortment of weight-related health issues, including cancer, diabetes, breathing problems, high cholesterol, heart problems, strokes, and even mental illnesses.

"As American weight gain accelerates, so too will the popularity of the movement to normalize, and even glorify, sedentary lifestyles run on processed foods," The Federalist concluded. "This new normal, however, carries with it the deadly reality that millions of lives are guaranteed to be cut tragically short."

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