Jamie Foxx denies that Instagram post was intended to be antisemitic

 August 6, 2023

According to Fox News, Hollywood superstar Jamie Foxx apologized this weekend for a since deleted social media post that some said was antisemitic.

Foxx put up a statement on Instagram Friday that read, "THEY KILLED THIS DUDE NAME JESUS… WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY’LL DO TO YOU???! #fakefriend #fakelove"

Foxx accused of being "horrifically antisemitic"

Those words were immediately followed by outrage online, with many people assuming that the term "they" referred to Jewish people.

Self-described Zionist and feminist journalist Eve Barlow asserted that "Jamie Foxx’s post was a horrifically antisemitic message rooted in classic blood libel and anti-Jewish conspiracy theory."

"There will always be people who hate us"

Melissa Weiss is the executive editor of Jewish Insider magazine, and she tweeted, "Seeing someone like Jamie Foxx post antisemitic content is a sad reminder that Jews can’t just exist like most everyone else. There will always be people who hate us."

However, other Twitter users came to Foxx's defense, with one writing, "Many Baptists are taught Jesus was killed by his friends who betrayed him (aka 'fake friends', 'fake love')."

"Given that Foxx has been going through struggles, it seems at least possible it was just a comment about fake friends in his own life," the Twitter user went on to add.

Foxx denies that his comments were directed toward Jews

For his part, Foxx released a statement in which he said, "I want to apologize to the Jewish community and everyone who was offended by my post."

"I know now my choice of words of words have caused offense and I am sorry. That was never my intend," the actor continued.

"To clarify, I was betrayed by a fake friend and that's what I meant with 'they' not anything more. I have only love in my heart for everyone," Foxx went on to insist. "I love and support the Jewish community. My deepest apologies to anyone who was offended."

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