Jared Kushner Shoots Down Idea Of White House Position

 February 15, 2024

Ivanka Trump, the daughter of former President Donald Trump is likely CRUSHED over the latest news.

Her husband, former Trump adviser, Jared Kushner, has dropped a bomb about his future involvement in politics.

He's OUT

Kushner has no plans to return to the White House as a member of Trump’s team, even if Trump personally requested it.

In fact, during a recent interview with Axios, Kushner confirmed his career in politics very well may be over all together!

“I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity as a family to be out of the spotlight. Both my wife and myself were working in the White House, which is a 24/7, high-stakes job, and so we both really enjoyed the opportunity to be down here in Florida with the kids," Kushner said in the interview.
He also revealed that his plans for the future lie in his business ventures.

He has family in the White House. But the family he wants to spend time with is at home.

Saudi ties

"I’ve been very clear that my desire at this phase of my life is to focus on my firm," Kushner said.

There is another angle that proves Kushner is serious about stepping out of the political world.
He’s shown his support of the Crown Prince of Saudi, Mohammed Bin Salman.

Salman is an extremely controversial person to publicly back, so the fact that Kushner has called him a “visionary leader” is proof that Kushner is no longer concerned about protecting his image.
Could this be because he is truly never going to enter the political world again?

Another reason Kushner has confirmed he would not accept an offer from Trump is because Trump’s team is absolutely perfect for the former president.

“You know, from my perspective, again, if you look at the way President Trump has been handling his campaign this time, this is his third time doing it. And he’s had time to really reflect on everything. I think that the team around him is maybe the best he’s had,” Kushner said.

Ivanka torn?

Regardless, we are sure Ivanka must feel torn about the matter.

Things will be different this time around when it comes to Trump’s team!

We hope Kushner has the best of luck in his future business endeavors.

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