"Jaws 2" star Marc Gilpin passes away following battle with cancer

 August 4, 2023

Fans of the "Jaws" series were saddened this week to learn that one of its stars passed away at the age of 56. 

According to Fox News, Marc Gilpin died on Saturday in Dallas following a protracted battle with cancer. His sister, fellow actor Peri Gilpin, put up a post on Instagram following her brother's death.

Sister praises her brother's widow

"Kaki and Marc took care of each other with kindness, strength, dignity and invaluable humor," she said of Gilpin and his wife.

"When Marc became ill, Kaki and their boys surrounded Marc with love, hugs, and round the clock support and care," Peri Gilpin continued.

"I just want to say how much I admire Kaki as a wife, mom, first grade teacher, sister and sister-in-law and undaunted caregiver. You are an amazing person Kaki and its so easy to see how much he has always loved you and always will," she concluded.

The New York Post noted that Gilpin's cancer diagnosis came in May of 2022 and a GoFundMe page was created to help cover his treatment.

Actor remembered as "an amazingly strong man"

"So many people have reached out to us in this past year to support. It’s been humbling," Gilpin's widow said in a post this past spring.

"And I thought I was already humble enough. Damn. Marc is an amazingly strong man and he wants to continue the battle. So do I and our boys. Any parent would be so proud of their kids if you could see how Spencer and Presley are living with this," she stressed.

Tributes to Gilpin quickly appeared on social media accounts, including from the Twitter account of a "Jaws" fan community.

Fans express sympathy

Executive chef and self-described foodie David Chan spoke up as well, saying, "My deepest sympathy and condolences to the Gilpin family."

Meanwhile, artist Joseph Boyd tweeted an image of himself raising "a can of Narragansett in memory of Marc Gilpin who passed away on July 29th."

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