JD Vance addresses speculation that he could be Trump's VP

 April 14, 2024

Ever since he became the Republican Party's de facto nominee earlier this year, political observers have speculated over the person former President Donald Trump might choose as his running mate.

Among the names to come up is Ohio Republican Sen. J.D. Vance, a fact which he acknowledged in a recent interview. 

"I wanna help him however I can"

According to HuffPost, Vance was asked this past Thursday by Fox News host Laura Ingraham about potentially serving as Trump's vice president.

While the senator made clear that he and Trump have never spoken about him joining the ticket, Vance did not rule the idea out.

"My simple answer is I wanna help him however I can," the freshman lawmaker was quoted as saying. "If he asks me, of course I would think seriously about it. It would be a great honor. I also am happy to support the agenda in the United States Senate."

Vance went on to declare that his attention remains squarely focused on protecting the interests of those in his home state.

Strategist praises Vance for having "rock-solid loyalty"

"Whether it’s supporting Trump’s agenda in the Senate or serving in some other role, we have got to bring good manufacturing jobs, good prosperity to the people of Ohio and the American heartland," the senator declared.

HuffPost noted how Ingraham pointed to an article published by The Hill last week which laid out reasons for why Vance may be "an ideal choice for the former president."

"He’s no stranger to hard work. He has had rock-solid loyalty and a winning record," Ohio-based Republican strategist Mehek Cooke told the website.

"And by that I mean, he doesn’t just regurgitate Republican talking points. He truly believes in putting America first," Cooke stated.

Vance says Trump "benefited working people"

In addition to addressing talk of potentially being Trump's running mate, Vance also told Ingraham why he believes that Biden has gotten more support from ultra-wealthy donors.

He said it is because the Biden administration's "policies have benefitted billionaires whereas Trump's policies benefited working people, so the contrast is really striking."

Vance complained that "the elites in this country" want "more cheap labor through unlimited immigration" along with an "end to any kind of tariff that would protect manufacturing."

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