Jean-Pierre dodges questions about Biden approval, age, and mental fitness

 September 26, 2023

Reporters have finally begun to ask questions about President Joe Biden's age and mental fitness after a new poll showed that 56% of registered voters disapprove of him, but that doesn't mean White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre will actually answer them.

Jean-Pierre dodged questions and tried to change the subject to her tired talking points about Biden "working" hard for the American people on Monday when she was confronted with the poll results from NBC.

"Here's what we're going to focus on: We're going to focus on exactly what you just asked me. Right? The first question, which is how do we continue to support the workers. Right? … We're going to do is continue to show how much this president is working for American families," Jean-Pierre responded, going back to a previous question about the auto workers' strike.

Talking up Bidenomics

Next, she tried once again to talk up "Bidenomics" even though the vast majority in the poll disapprove of Biden's handling of the economy.

"A lot of the policies that the president has put forward are indeed popular. I mean, Bidenomics has worked so well that you have Republicans in their own districts, in their own states, taking credit for things that the president pushed forward, policies that the president has pushed forward, legislation that they didn't even vote for, if you think about the American Rescue plan, the Inflation Reduction Act," she said.

Probably the most honest thing she said was that they just "couldn't be focused" on polls--I mean, it would be downright depressing for Biden and the Democrats if they did.

But of course, that didn't satisfy reporters who brought up the dismal 37% approval in the poll once again.

"I hear you. I hear you. But it is — Look, our focus is going to be on what we can do to continue to deliver for the American people. Polls are polls, right? They are going to be all over the place. They are going to — they're going to — you know, they don't tell the whole story, actually. And that is just the way a poll is," Jean-Pierre said.

Not too far off

The problem for Biden is, however, that this poll was not a huge outlier from where other polls have been. It shows Biden neck-and-neck in a hypothetical matchup with only former President Donald Trump, and three points back when third-party (unnamed) candidates are added in.

An ABC poll released around the same time showed Biden 10 points behind Trump, and a number of others have shown the candidates in a dead heat.

The RealClearPolitics average has Trump 1.5% ahead of Biden. This far out from the election, those are extremely bad numbers for Biden.

The push from reporters could be a sign that Democrats are getting ready to dump Biden as the nominee.

The trouble is, they really have no strong candidates to replace him except the one who has said over and over again that she doesn't want to run (Michelle Obama).

With Biden's health and mental acuity seeming to decline by the day, however, it may be best for everyone if the party moves on.

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