Jean-Pierre refuses to address president's shunning of Hunter Biden illegitimate child

 July 6, 2023

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused on Wednesday to answer a reporter's question about whether President Joe Biden is refusing to acknowledge Hunter Biden's illegitimate child Navy Joan Roberts, his grandson.

The question came after the New York Times reported about Roberts and said that aides to the president were told not to mention her and to say that Biden had six grandchildren when he actually has seven.

"There was a story in The New York Times over the weekend about Hunter Biden's daughter in Arkansas. Does the president acknowledge this little girl as his granddaughter?" the reporter asked Jean-Pierre.

"I don't have anything to share from here," Jean-Pierre said in response.

Six grandchildren

Biden himself has said on numerous occasions since Roberts was born that he has six grandchildren and said once that he "talks to them every day."

Reportedly, though, he and First Lady Jill Biden have never met Roberts.

At Christmas last year, media reports featured stories about the Bidens putting up stockings for each of their grandchildren, a total of six, as well.

Hunter Biden has been embroiled in a child support case with Lunden Roberts, the ex-stripper and former employee who birthed the child.

He reportedly agreed to give his daughter several of his paintings in exchange for lower monthly child support and an agreement that the girl, now four, will not take the Biden last name.


It's puzzling in this day and age why the Bidens won't acknowledge the child, when there's no longer as much stigma or shame around out-of-wedlock births.

Around the same time Roberts was born, Hunter Biden married Melissa Cohen, and the two have a son Beau, 3, together. Perhaps Cohen isn't comfortable with Hunter's ex being involved in their lives and convinced him and the family to shun the child.

Whatever the reasoning, it's putting the president and first lady in an awkward position where they look uncharitable and petty for not acknowledging one of their grandchildren while doting on the others.

Hunter's oldest daughter Naomi even got married at the White House last year.

Biden brags all the time about how close-knit his family is and how important family is to him, so ignoring one of his grandchildren and refusing to acknowledge her because she's illegitimate and her ex-stripper mother is part of son Hunter's shady past makes him look like a hypocrite or an elitist snob. Maybe the scrutiny will bring about a positive change in the situation and force the Biden family to change its ways.

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