Jeffrey Epstein's secret calendar exposed by The Wall Street Journal

 May 4, 2023

Disgraced pedophile and financier Jeffrey Epstein's contact list included Joe Biden's current CIA director, Woody Allen, and Bill Gates, according to new blockbuster reporting from the Wall Street Journal. 

The high-profile names were linked to previously unreported meetings on Epstein's calendar. The meetings, stretching from 2013 to 2017, would have occurred after Epstein became a convicted sex offender in 2008.

Many of the contacts were seeking financial patronage, although the purpose of the meetings, and whether all of them happened, is unclear, the Journal reported.

Epstein's secret calendar

Several of the contacts were invited to Epstein's notorious dungeon of depravity in Manhattan. Some had ties to Harvard and MIT, which have acknowledged receiving funding from Epstein.

Larry Summers, a current Harvard professor and former Harvard president who served as Bill Clinton's Treasury Secretary, sought $1 million from Epstein to support his scholar wife's poetry project even after Harvard said it stopped accepting Epstein's money, the Journal said.

Epstein's house was a hub for academics like the famous leftist intellectual Noam Chomsky and wealthy philanthropists including Bill Gates, the Journal said. A philanthropist who had breakfast "dozens" of times with Epstein said the pedophile claimed to manage Gates' money, a claim Gates denied.

“As Bill has said many times before, it was a mistake to have ever met with him and he deeply regrets it,” a Gates spokeswoman said.

Epstein also hosted Hollywood director and actor Woody Allen, also an accused pedophile and a neighbor of Epstein's in New York, "dozens" of times for dinner. Allen met with Epstein "nearly every month" in 2014 and 2015, and even invited him to a film screening.

Biden's CIA director

President Biden's CIA director William Burns, then a top official in President Obama's State Department, was scheduled to meet with Epstein once in Washington and twice at Epstein's Manhattan mansion in 2014.

“The director did not know anything about him, other than that he was introduced as an expert in the financial services sector and offered general advice on transition to the private sector,” a CIA spokesperson said. “They had no relationship.”

LinkedIn co-founder and venture capitalist Reid Hoffmann admitted to visiting Epstein's infamous Caribbean Island once in 2014 with former MIT media lab president Joi Ito for an "MIT fundraising trip."

Other names include former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak, hotel magnate Thomas Pritzker, cousin of Illinois' Democratic governor J.B. Pritzker, Obama White House counsel and Goldman Sachs lawyer Kathryn Ruemmler, and Bard College president Leon Botstein.

The Journal's reporting is sure to renew speculation about Epstein's wealth, the nature of his powerful connections, and the circumstances of his mysterious death while awaiting trial at a Manhattan jail in 2019.

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