Race-obsessed 'journalist' Jemele Hill sells only around 5,000 copies of new memoir

 December 16, 2022

Jemele Hill, the former ESPN "Sportscenter" co-anchor turned race hustler "journalist" on CNN, released a memoir nearly two months ago that almost nobody has read, according to Breitbart.

In fact, as of this week, Hill's memoir, "Uphill," has reportedly sold barely more than 5,000 copies since it was released with great fanfare on October 25.

Heralded by the mainstream establishment

Outkick was the first to report the astonishingly low sales figures for Jemele Hill's book that documents her purported struggles with racism and perpetual victimhood.

The lack of sales is a bit surprising, in one sense, given how heavily the book was promoted and the rave reviews it received from mainstream media and the literary establishment.

Indeed, "Uphill" garnered more than one positive review from The New York Times, was named as "One of Oprah Daily's Best Fall Nonfiction Books of 2022," and was heartily praised by several of Hill's left-leaning "journalist" colleagues.

And, Hill is quite popular on social media -- at least among the leftist journo and social justice sets -- with more than 1.45 million Twitter followers, at least some of whom would presumably be interested in buying her book and reading about her oppressed life.

The numbers do not look good

Yet, with only around 5,023 copies sold, Outkick noted that "The sales for the memoir are on par with self-published cookbooks from aspiring authors who write as a side hustle, and Hill is a seasoned full-time journalist."

For example, "Uphill" has thus far failed to crack the Top 200 lists compiled by Apple Books, The New York Times, or USA Today, and at its height, the book only reached number 2,961 on Amazon in terms of sales.

This is despite Hill's confident prediction in an interview last month with left-leaning sports outlet Deadspin that her memoir would make her a "best-selling author."

She also used that interview to attack her more popular competitors at the intersection of sports, politics, and culture, namely Outkick and Barstool Sports, according to MRCTV, and laughably displayed her lack of self-awareness by accusing them of being "very fame-thirsty and dishonest."

This is what failure and rejection look like

While the dismal book sales for Hill were a bit surprising with regard to the heavy promotion and positive reviews, the poor sales figures aren't all that shocking in comparison to other failures and shortcomings for the outspoken and race-obsessed author.

Outkick noted that after being canned from "Sportscenter," Hill launched two new shows -- "SC6" on ESPN and "(Won't) Stick to Sports" on ViceTV -- but both of those programs have already been canceled for having low viewership ratings, and Hill's Spotify podcast has failed to crack the streaming platform's Top 200 list in terms of listeners.

Hill would likely argue that broadly ever-present racism among the American people is the reason why nobody is buying her memoir about being a perpetual victim of racial oppression, but that isn't exactly the case.

As Outkick aptly summarized, "Jemele Hill does not appeal to the average American. She caters to elites, self-proclaimed victims, and the wing of the population who demand white people continue to atone for their ancestors."

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