Jennifer Granholm facing ethics complaint over husband's Ford stock

 July 13, 2023

Biden Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is facing an ethics complaint over her husband's ownership of Ford stock due to the administration's authorization of electric vehicle subsidies that would benefit the company.

"Secretary Granholm is an experienced, sophisticated government official who understands her legal and ethical obligations,” Protect the Public’s Trust Director Michael Chamberlain said in the group's complaint. “Her participation in matters involving Ford Motor Company while her husband owned stock in the company would represent a blatant violation of her ethics obligations."

Chamberlain called for the department's inspector general to investigate the situation immediately, calling it "precisely the type of episode that has led to the American public’s trust in its government having all but disappeared."

Republican lawmakers have been demanding investigations since Granholm admitted in June that her husband owned Ford stock valued at over $2400.

Says she didn't know

Granholm claimed she didn't know he owned the stock until May 13, and it was sold on May 15. Ostensibly, this was disclosed to further her story that she couldn't have been influenced by the stock ownership.

She had testified in April that she and her husband didn't own any individual stocks, but said both that she meant to say she didn't own "conflicting" stocks and that she was "mistaken" in her testimony because she hadn't known about the stock ownership at the time.

"After applying the legal factors to the facts surrounding Secretary Granholm’s participation in the SuperTruck 3 program — through the JFK Event and her other advancement of the program — and her promotion of Ford Motor Company and its products, it appears clear that Ms. Granholm’s conduct was prohibited under the law," Protect the Public's Trust alleged in its complaint. "A full investigation is warranted to understand whether and to what extent Secretary Granholm willfully violated her legal and ethics obligations as a cabinet official."

Granholm has long been connected to automakers, having been governor of Michigan from 2003 to 2011.

The question is, did Granholm try to cover up her ties to Ford, or was it all just a mistake?

The significance

And here's another question: is it a violation that has any consequence? How much money were the Granholms going to make on $2400 in Ford stock anyway?

It's the Republican version of charging former President Donald Trump with falsifying business records.

Maybe Republicans are playing tit for tat, and it may help them make their point about how ridiculous the charges against Trump are.

It's obvious that the Biden administration is rife with corruption and wouldn't know ethical behavior if it bit them.

Trump probably isn't pure as the wind-driven snow either, and it seems like American politics has way bigger things to focus on (Biden bribery?). Maybe that's exactly the point.

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