Jeremy Renner reveals the injuries he suffered in snow plow accident

 January 22, 2023

Actor Jeremy Renner just revealed some of the injuries that he suffered as a result of the snowplow accident that occurred on New Year's day. 

Renner made the revelation on his Instagram page.

"30 plus broken bones"

On Saturday, Renner posted a photograph of his "morning workouts," that is, the therapy that he has been undergoing in order to recover from his injuries. The photograph shows Renner holding his leg up while lying in bed as he works with a physical therapist.

Renner wrote in the caption:

Morning workouts, resolutions all changed this particular new years …. Spawned from tragedy for my entire family, and quickly focused into uniting actionable love. I want to thank EVERYONE for their messages and thoughtfulness for my family and I …. Much love and appreciation to you all.

It is in the next sentence that Renner reveals that the snowplow accident has left him with over 30 broken bones.

"These 30-plus broken bones will mend, grow stronger, just like the love and bond with family and friends deepens. Love and blessings to you all," Renner wrote.

Less than 24 hours after he posted the photograph and message, Renner's post had been liked over 2.35 million times.

He's back home

Last week, HollywoodLife reported that Renner had been released from the hospital and allowed to return to his home, where his recovery will continue, as evidenced by the new photograph.

Renner had been in the hospital for about two weeks - since New Year's Day - when he was run over by a snow plow in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, while helping a motorist to clear snow. The accident was nearly fatal.

Renner had to be airlifted to the hospital, where, according to his family, it was discovered that he had "suffered blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries." Renner had to undergo surgery for the injuries, and he was listed in critical but stable condition.

During his two-week hospital stay, Renner, from his hospital bed, shared selfies and videos with his followers on social media. But, he didn't reveal the full extent of his injuries.

The long road to recovery

Recent reports have revealed that Renner's injuries were "much worse than anyone knows." And, Renner has now given followers a glimpse into the injuries by revealing that he suffered over 30 broken bones.

The same reports are suggesting that it could take as many as two years for Renner to fully heal from his injuries.

It has become exceedingly clear that this was a very narrow escape for Renner.

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