Jet window blows open at 16,000 feet off the ground

 January 7, 2024

Airline passengers were left horrified this past week after a window in the jet they were flying in blew out. 

As the Daily Mail reported, the panic-inducing incident played out on Friday evening aboard a Boeing 737 Max belonging to Alaska Airline.

Passenger texted family: "Please pray for me"

The plane was flying at an altitude of 16,000 feet on a journey from Oregon to California when the window gave way and oxygen masks descended in front of terrified travelers.

One of those travelers was Emma Vu, and in a video posted to TikTok she described feeling the aircraft drop, saying, "In the moment I was so scared."

Vu went on to recall sending a text message to her family members which read, "I am so scared right now; Please pray for me; Please I don't want to die."

She provided more details in an interview with 7News Australia, explaining, "I was more concerned with the plane dropping... I looked outside and it was going pretty smoothly, I think everyone freaking out inside made me freak out."

Child's shirt seen flying off

"I am so grateful for the ladies who sat next to me... they were so sweet at calming me down, and the flight attendants were giving oxygen tanks to those who needed it more," Vu stated.

"But I was freaking out because my bag wouldn't inflate - and that's literally what they tell you in the safety thing, like don't worry you're still getting air flow... when you're in fight or flight you're not thinking about that," she said.

"It was just so scary, no one knew what was happening, the pilot came on to tell everyone to put your mask on before you help others - literally word for word what they tell you in the safety training," Vu recounted.

Vu characterized the harrowing ordeal as being "surreal," saying, "A toddler's shirt flew off, and their phone flew out the window."

Multiple investigations have been opened

Video footage taken by those inside the plane shows a gaping hole in its side as the aircraft can be seen approaching its destination.

According to the Daily Mail, investigations have been opened by the National Transportation Safety Board, Boeing, and Alaska Airlines.

What's more, the newspaper noted that this was not the only recent incident to involve a Boeing 737 Max, leading to suggestions that the aircraft model be temporarily grounded.
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