Jill Biden accompanies president to beach as controversies mount

 July 10, 2023

President Joe Biden faces a growing list of questions surrounding his son's business dealings, the state of the economy, and a stash of cocaine that was found at the White House.

Yet as the New York Post noted, those concerns didn't prevent the president and First Lady Jill Biden from taking time off for the beach. 

First Couple "seemingly unbothered" by controversies

According to the paper, President Joe Biden was spoked in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware on Saturday where he was seen sporting swim trunks and reading a book.

The first lady busied herself admiring the ocean view while both were "seemingly unbothered by the frenzy awaiting them at the White House."

Part of that frenzy centers on the president's touting of his economic policies, something he has dubbed "Bidenomics."

Poll shows voters give Biden low marks on his handling of the economy

However, the Associated Press reported late last month that a poll conducted by the NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found just 34% of Americans approve of how Biden has handled the economy.

Meanwhile, Fox News reported on Monday that email records show Hunter Biden has "extensive ties" to senior members of his father's administration dating back to the Obama years.

They include National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and White House Chief of staff Jeff Zients.

Suspicion surrounds Hunter Biden regarding White House cocaine find

Hunter Biden's name also came up after cocaine was discovered at the White House over a week ago, something which prompted a temporary evacuation.

The president's son has a long and well publicized history of drug abuse, something which was documented in videos and pictures found on his abandoned laptop. This included footage showing him driving over 170 miles per hour while smoking crack.

What's more, he also managed to avoid jail time by entering into a controversial plea deal for illegally purchasing a firearm while addicted to crack.

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