Jill Biden accused of racism following White House basketball invitation

 April 5, 2023

Fox News reported that First Lady Jill Biden became the target of furious, racially charged criticism this week. 

The controversy arose after she suggested inviting both the winning and losing teams from the women's national college championship game this past weekend.

"Jill Biden is a white woman"

The winning team, Louisiana State University (LSU), has a roster that is largely black whereas the losing University of Iowa's lineup is majority white.

That led black nationalist religious leader Bishop Talbert Swan to allege that Biden's remarks were racially motivated, saying, "Jill Biden is a white woman."

Left-wing political commentator and former Clinton administration aide Keith Boykin declared that the "White House needs to walk this back as soon as possible."

Former NFL star: "Did you forget who helped put your husband in the White House?"

BET news anchor Marc Lamont Hill insisted that the dual invitation was reflective of Biden's skin color, complaining, "Whiteness is a helluva drug."

Meanwhile, NFL Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe criticized the first lady during an episode of Fox Sports 1's "Skip and Shannon: Undisputed," saying, "Winners get a trophy. That's what life is about."

"Come on, Dr. Biden. You know better than this. Did you forget who helped put your husband in the White House?" Sharpe added, referring to the large number of African Americans who vote Democrat.

Biden's office appears to walk back suggestion

"You gonna find out a very serious, hard lesson in ’24. [Joe] will be like a Kentucky or Duke freshman. You’ll be one-and-done," he predicted.

Vanessa Valdivia is a spokeswoman for the first lady's office, and Fox News noted that she appeared to walk back the comments in question by declaring that Biden "looks forward to celebrating the LSU Tigers on their championship win at the White House."

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