Jill Biden accuses Trump of abuse

 April 14, 2024

First Lady Jill Biden just accused former President Donald Trump of being abusive. 

She's the one, however, who is abusing Trump by making this ridiculous claim.

The Associated Press reports that Biden made the remarks during an LGBTQ event that was held in Virginia on Friday. The First Lady spoke at the Human Rights Campaign's Equality In Action event.

It was here that Biden launched her attack on Trump.

He's "dangerous," and "a bully"

These were two of the claims that Biden made about Trump.

"Donald Trump is a bully. He is dangerous to the LGBTQ community, to our families, to our country and we cannot let him win. We have to fight like hell until [President Biden] and [Vice President Harris] have another term," she said.

This was the First Lady's pitch for why Americans ought to vote for her husband, President Joe Biden, over Trump in the upcoming general election.

Biden went on to tout her husband's record on such things as gay marriage, and she claimed that Trump, if elected, would work to undo all of the so-called progress that her husband has made in these areas.

One has to believe that there are far more pressing issues that the country is facing, and that stuff like this is going to be one of the last things that is on voters' minds when they enter the ballot box in November. But, who knows?

It's not the first time that . . .

This is far from the first time that the First Lady attacked Trump in recent months.

A little over a month ago, during a Women for Biden campaign event in Georgia, Biden claimed that Trump is a danger to women.

"He spent a lifetime tearing us down and devaluing our existence. He mocks women’s bodies, disrespects our accomplishments, and brags about assault," she said.

You may be sensing a pattern here. It appears that Biden's campaign strategy consists of little more than telling the voter that Trump is bad. It's a dangerous approach considering that, each and every day, the voter is reminded of just how much of a mess that her husband has gotten this country into. Trump is not that bad.

The former president, for his part, has never really spent much time responding to these attacks from the First Lady, which is a departure from his usual approach. Clearly, he believes that it would not be worth his time.

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