Jill Biden began ascendancy in Biden family following husband's aneurysm: book

 February 26, 2024

Jill Biden recalls the moment she became a "full-fledged Biden" by taking control of her husband's health care following his double brain aneurysm. 

The moment marked the beginning of Jill's evolution from second wife to "powerful guardian of the Biden inner circle," according to the book American Woman. 

Jill Biden's evolution

These days, Jill Biden can be seen jetting around the country in support of her husband's presidential campaign. The First Lady's unusually vigorous political advocacy has led many to view her as a caregiver for her husband, whose age has become a question mark hanging over his re-election campaign.

But Jill has long been an advocate for her husband, according to the book American Woman by New York Times reporter Katie Rogers. The book includes an anecdote about Jill's ascendancy within the family, following then-Senator Biden's two aneurysms in 1988.

"She was exhausted. In the hospital, as she watched Joe's mother, sister, and brothers debate the best path forward for Joe's treatment, something in her broke," the book says. "'Wait a minute!' she yelled at the group. 'He's my husband. I should be making the decision here.'"

"That was the moment, as Jill has recounted, that she felt she had become a full-fledged Biden."

Biden's caregiver?

According to another excerpt from Rogers' book, Joe Biden was upset that he could not keep pace with Jill during his notorious basement campaign in 2020.

“Jill was hitting the campaign trail and traveling so much in the weeks before the election that her team was using two private jets,” according to Rogers.

“Her schedule far outpaced that of her husband, who was widely criticized by the president and others for not holding enough in-person campaign appearances."

Rogers also related Jill's furious reaction to a press conference in 2022 that went on longer than she wanted.

"She had watched the news conference, and the look on her face told everyone in the room — from the president on down — that they had some explaining to do," Rogers writes.

"Why didn't anyone stop that?" she asked White House staff.

Biden's age has become a fresh concern following the release of Special Counsel Robert Hur's report, which described Biden as an "elderly man with a poor memory."

The 81-year-old president answered his critics at a wild press conference that was widely seen as an unforced error.

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