Jill Biden blasted president, staff members over 2022 press conference issues, report claims

February 11, 2024

First Lady Jill Biden expressed dissatisfaction with President Biden's prolonged press conference in 2022, reportedly berating him and his aides afterward for not bringing it to a timely close.

According to a forthcoming book titled "American Woman," author Katie Rogers detailed Jill Biden's confrontation with the President and his team following the January 19, 2022, news conference.

The claims

During this nearly two-hour event, President Biden addressed various topics, occasionally stumbling over facts and engaging in tense exchanges with reporters.

Rogers described Jill Biden's reaction as conveying her disappointment with the situation, demanding explanations from those present.

She questioned why no one intervened to conclude the press conference sooner, signaling her concern about its length and content.

The controversy

Even President Biden was purportedly subdued in response to his wife's dismay, with Rogers recounting a silence that pervaded the room as all present contemplated Jill Biden's dissatisfaction.

Despite aides reportedly slipping him a card suggesting an end to the press conference, President Biden remained reticent, further underscoring Jill Biden's assertive stance.

Following the incident, officials later apologized to Jill Biden, as shared by an individual present during the confrontation, as mentioned in Rogers' account for The New York Times.

The book's additional details

The book portrays Jill Biden as a staunch supporter and protector of her husband, aiming to shield him from challenging situations. It suggests that she recognizes the toll that the presidency takes on President Biden, noting his nightly return to the residence with briefing books in hand.

These revelations come amid heightened scrutiny of the Biden administration, particularly regarding President Biden's advanced age and alleged memory lapses.

The President recently gave a nationally televised speech and press conference in response to concerns raised during a special counsel report about his handling of classified documents.

While the report described President Biden as sympathetic with a poor memory, it did not recommend charges for mishandling classified documents. However, President Biden faced criticism for his handling of questions during the press conference, including a terse exchange with Fox News reporter Peter Doocy.

Despite these challenges, President Biden remains defiant, asserting his qualification for the presidency and dismissing concerns about his memory. Meanwhile, Jill Biden's outspokenness underscores her pivotal role as both a public figure and a confidante to the president during his key reelection campaign.

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