Jill Biden consoles tornado victims on absent husband's behalf

 January 5, 2024

Is Jill Biden almost ready to admit that her husband is too old to campaign? That's the message she seems to be sending with her frenetic schedule.

In lieu of her husband, the First Lady traveled to Tennessee to console the victims of last month's devastating tornado.

Jill stopped by Fort Campbell to see military families displaced by the tornadoes, which tore through neighboring Clarksville, flattening many homes. Seven people were killed statewide including children.

Jill touches down in TN

Biden was accompanied by Santa Claus on the December 23 visit. 

"In the moments of hardship, you are the ones who step up," Biden said. "You are the ones who put your lives in harm's way; you're the ones who reach out a hand to carry others through."

The president's absence has been keenly felt in moments of tragedy, including the devastating Maui wildfires and the chemical train derailment that poisoned East Palestine, Ohio.

In spite of his palpable indifference, Biden has long portrayed himself as a "decent" and empathetic figure. While it's pretty clear Biden has little interest in serving the citizens of America, he seems scarcely more interested in campaigning, which only requires him to be motivated by self-interest.

Despite the constant speculation of his replacement, Dems appear to be backing Biden all the way.

Biden resurfaces....for another nasty speech

Biden just got back from a week-long vacation in the Virgin Islands, fueling criticism of his frequent absences from work.

He is estimated to have spent almost 40% of his days in office out of the office while the country spirals into chaos.

Biden did surface in Pennsylvania on Friday - at Valley Forge - to give a nasty, divisive speech about "democracy" in which he basically compared his political opponents to a foreign enemy.

Trump was set to speak in Iowa on Friday evening, where he was expected to answer Biden's vitriol.

“The only reason Biden is at Valley Forge abusing George Washington’s legacy to slander 75 million Americans is that he knows he can’t show his face at the Southwest Border, or in East Palestine, Ohio, or at the autoworkers’ factories in Michigan where he is destroying hundreds of thousands of jobs,” Trump was expected to say.

Buckle up - it's going to be a long year.

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