Jill Biden defends husband as 'calm' and 'steady

 May 31, 2024

Jill Biden described her irritable 81-year-old husband as "calm" and "steady" during an interview with The View, as Democrats seek to present the embattled president as a reliable leader ahead of his rematch with Donald Trump.

The First Lady sought to contrast her husband's "strong" character and "integrity" with the "chaos" of Trump.

"We have a choice, this is what I’m out there saying. We have a choice we can have my husband who is calm, and steady and strong and has character and integrity or we have the other choice, which is chaotic," Biden said.

"We have to decide. Democracy or chaos."

Biden "calm"?

Despite her efforts to paint Biden as a calm, responsible leader, Biden has supplied plenty of evidence to the contrary.

Only days ago, Biden lashed out at a journalist who asked whether he would serve a complete second term.

"Are you OK? Are you all right? You’re not hurt, are you?” Biden shot back. “I said, are you OK? Did you fall on your head or something?”

Biden has also been reported to explode at staffers with vulgar insults behind closed doors - a far cry from the even-tempered "man of integrity" that his wife describes.

Dems push "chaos" messaging

Democrats have struggled to put doubts about Biden's age to rest, leaving them to draw a broad contrast between Biden's character and that of his rival.

The effort escalated this week when Trump was found guilty in his "hush money" trial, which led the Biden campaign and its surrogates to taunt Trump as a "convicted felon." Trump, in part, has accused Biden of ruthlessly interfering in the election by orchestrating a political show trial.

Democrats have begun to fear that Biden is vulnerable to losing power, with many Americans sharing a pessimistic view of the economy that Biden appears unable to dispel.

The southern border crisis has also become a major concern, and two new wars have added to a picture of a world in chaos.

The issue for Biden is that he pledged to be a steady hand four years ago, and voters now have results to judge him by.

The speculative "chaos" of a second Trump term is certain to strike many as less real than the chaos of the present moment.

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