Jill Biden heads to Augusta without Joe

 November 5, 2023

This week, First Lady Jill Biden will leave Washington, D.C., and head for Augusta Georgia, Fox 54 reports

Then, afterward, she is expected to head to Pennsylvania.

Biden will do all of this without the accompaniment of her husband, President Joe Biden.

There will be more on this later.

The first lady's solo trip

According to 2 WSB Atlanta, Jill Biden will head to Augusta on the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 8.

Per the outlet:

While in Augusta, Mrs. Biden will meet with Mayor Garnett L. Johnson and members of the local government, union leaders, and educators with plans to discuss investments in creating jobs in American communities and how local communities are working together to expand opportunities for good-paying jobs, according to the White House.

While there, according to 2 WSB Atlanta, Biden will deliver remarks before "Representatives from the City of Augusta, Augusta Technical College, Aiken Technical College, the Richmond County School System, local employers, trade unions, and others."

In these remarks, the first lady is expected to advocate for her husband's economic agenda, the so-called "Bidenomics." And, the first lady is also expected to talk about job creation efforts that are being spearheaded by the Biden administration.

After the first lady finishes up in Augusta, Georgia, she is then expected to take a plane ride to Pennsylvania, where she will essentially do the same thing that she did in Augusta - that is, meet with local leaders and discuss the Biden administration's economic initiatives. This will take place on Wednesday afternoon. So, it is going to be a busy day for the first lady.

Where is President Biden?

As mentioned at the outset, President Biden will not be accompanying the first lady on this trip. Jill Biden, in fact, has made numerous trips of this nature, in recent months, without her husband.

To answer the question of "where is President Biden?" one could say, "not on the campaign trail."

Even though Biden does claim to be running for reelection in 2024 and even though he is currently the clear frontrunner to win his party's presidential nomination, he has not been campaigning. This is in stark contrast to Biden's likely 2024 opponent, former President Donald Trump, who has been campaigning, incessantly, all over the country.

It really does appear as though Biden is employing the same sort of strategy that he employed during the 2020 presidential campaign season, when Biden seemed to have spent most of the time in his basement.

We will have to see if this strategy pays off. Polling would suggest that it will not.

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