Jill Biden leaves White House to visit Truman Presidential Library

 October 1, 2023

First Lady Jill Biden packed up and left the White House last week. 

According to KZRG, the first lady headed out of Washington D.C. to visit Truman Presidential Library and Museum in Independence, Missouri. She was reportedly there to support civics education.

The outlet noted:

She got to visit with who stepped into the role of President Truman and his advisors at the White House Decision Center, a museum set piece that recreates the West Wing where students get to learn how to tackle the challenges a world leader must face.

She also reportedly encouraged students in attendance at the event to pursue careers in politics.

What's happening?

According to The Kansas City Star, Jill Biden "explored the Missouri-born president’s decision to desegregate the U.S. military," as she met with students at the library.

The topic of military diversity has been a hot one in the upcoming 2024 election season, and will undoubtedly be on the short list of topics that the Biden administration will have to defend.

Many believe President Joe Biden and his top military commanders have gone way too far on concentrating on "woke" training instead of training to fight and win wars.

The first lady expressed her concerns about the lack of civics education in schools, and worries that too many Americans are unfamiliar with how government works.

"I think people really have a negative opinion of government, they don’t see the hard work, they don’t see the perseverance," Jill Biden said. "They don’t see all the thought and the hard work and the critical thinking that go into each and every decision."

Encouraging careers

While many would argue that it's probably the worst time in American history to enter the field of politics, given how toxic it has become, thanks in part to her husband's administration, Jill Biden pushed the idea as an "honorable career."

"Being a politician is an honorable career," the first lady said.

"And so I want you to take the critical skills that you’ve learned through this opportunity and when you hear something, don’t just take everything on face value, research it, look into it, look at other people’s points of view, so that you can really look with a critical eye and what’s really going on."

That's a rich comment coming from the wife of a politician who wouldn't take two seconds to "look with a critical eye" or acknowledge "other people's points of view."


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