Jill Biden makes surprise appearance at high-end fashion designer's party

 November 7, 2023

Jill Biden likes the glamor that comes with political power, and she's not afraid to show it. With the world imploding and her husband asleep at the wheel, the First Lady made a surprise appearance at the birthday party of a high-end fashion designer.

The First Lady made a brief appearance at the celebration of Gabriella Hearst, according to Vogue. 

Jill Biden's surprise

The outlet described her entourage - and the effect her 10-minute appearance had on the room at the Doubles Club in Manhattan:

Yes, at 8:30 PM sharp, in a sea of Secret Service security guards, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden arrived with a bouquet of cellophane-wrapped flowers for the birthday girl, and no less than 10 minutes later, she was on her way out. “It’s like the room slowed down,” quipped one party guest. “Did that really just happen?"

Jill Biden is a fan of designer clothing, wearing Gabriella Hearst dresses on a number of high-profile occasions, including her husband's inauguration and Biden's trip to Britain for the coronation of Charles III.

Jill Biden has been crisscrossing the country to promote her husband's re-election, which many Democrats are beginning to fear is in jeopardy.

A new poll from the New York Times found Biden is behind in critical battleground states and Trump would win soundly if the election were held today.

"Doctor" Jill

The election is less than a year away and Jill's husband is still avoiding the campaign trail like the plague, opening up a larger role for Jill as a campaign surrogate.

The First Lady has leaned into her education background on the campaign trail, playing up the narrative that Republicans want to "ban books."

Like her husband, Jill is notoriously insecure about her social status and demands to be called "Doctor" because she has an advanced degree.

She has been known to have her awkward moments, too - from begging people to applaud to making patronizing remarks about Hispanics.

Her husband continues to play up a hokey shtick of being a normal guy, despite cashing in on his political career with sleazy, corrupt overseas business deals.

And it looks like Jill Biden is enjoying the full measure of the spoils - although, as the saying goes, money can't buy class.

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