Jill Biden says her husband "helped transform our economy" during solo trip

 October 6, 2023

The Poughkeepsie Journal reported that First Lady Jill Biden traveled to Fishkill, New York this week for a pair of official events.

Yet in what appears to have become a regular habit, the first lady left her husband behind in Washington. 

First lady visits lab

According to the paper, Mrs. Biden headed to the Dutchess County Mechatronics Lab as well as the DAY ONE Early Learning Community center.

The Journal noted that the Mechatronics Lab bills itself as "intersection of mechanical systems, electrical systems, control systems and computers" and aims to address a shortage of technicians.

"This new mechatronics lab will help students get the skills they need for the growing businesses here – preparing them for careers making everything from display screens to jet engines to semiconductors," an official White House transcript quoted the first lady as saying.

Mrs. Biden says her husband "has helped transform our economy"

"As a community college professor myself, I’m so excited to see how this work changes people’s lives," she went on to add.

Mrs. Biden also took time to tout her husband's supposed economic achievements, stating, "Joe and I understand the middle class, because we’re from the middle class. That’s why Joe’s working so hard to invest in America."

"Joe’s leadership has helped transform our economy, with more than 13 million jobs created, unemployment under four percent, and hundreds of billions invested in growing industries like clean energy and semiconductors," she continued.

"He’s creating new opportunities for hard-working families, and building our economy from the middle out and the bottom up," Ms. Biden insisted.

White House source says president did not have enough energy for trip

This is far from being the first time that the first lady has campaigned for her husband without him being present, as The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported last month that she met with cancer researchers at Emory University to promote the Biden administration's Cancer Moonshot.

That came four months after The Times of Israel reported that Mrs. Biden embarked on a solo tour of the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe next week.

The Daily Telegraph cited an unnamed White House source as saying that the president stayed home due to fears that Biden did not have enough energy to attend the event given how he was already scheduled to visit Northern Ireland and the G7 summit in Japan.

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