Jill Biden taking over president schedule, report claims

 December 22, 2023

First Lady Jill Biden is reportedly taking an active role in managing President Joe Biden's schedule, aiming to ensure the 81-year-old leader receives adequate rest less than a year ahead of the presidential election.

According to current and former aides, concerns are mounting about President Biden's failure to acknowledge his limitations, prompting Jill Biden and her team to be deeply involved in the planning of the president's agenda.

The concern

The first lady, along with her team, is not only overseeing the president's schedule but is also monitoring his diet.

A White House official, however, downplayed the situation, emphasizing that the couple keeps an eye on each other's schedules for balance, a practice not uncommon among couples within the administration.

The involvement of First Ladies in overseeing presidential schedules is not unprecedented. Former First Lady Nancy Reagan closely managed the schedule of President Ronald Reagan, even consulting an astrologist at times, especially after an assassination attempt on the former president.

The adjustments

Ted Kaufman, a longtime friend and former chief of staff to Biden, mentioned that Jill Biden wants to manage the president's workload to prevent him from taking on too much.

Despite President Biden expressing that he feels much younger than his age, he has reportedly agreed to make certain adjustments, such as wearing sneakers and taking shorter steps when boarding Air Force One.

As President Biden prepares for potential reelection, concerns about his age persist, with a majority of Americans expressing worry in September.

The polls

A November poll indicated that 54 percent of Biden's own party believes he is "too old" to be in office. The president has faced criticism for verbal slip-ups and repeated debunked stories, raising questions about his overall fitness for office.

White House spokesperson Andrew Bates defended Biden's work ethic, citing the president's commitment to a busy schedule, late-night discussions with Congress members, and engagement in critical national security priorities.

The first lady's involvement appears aimed at balancing these demands with the president's well-being as he navigates a challenging political landscape.

President Joe Biden's wife, Jill Biden, appears to be taking a proactive role in managing the president's schedule, aiming to address concerns about his limitations and ensure he gets adequate rest.

As President Biden and Jill Biden work together on his schedule, Americans continue to grow concerned over the first lady's influence and the president's health related to the 2024 election.

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