Jill Biden to join husband in North Carolina

 June 6, 2023

Joe Biden will be joined by a helper when he hits the campaign trail in North Carolina this week: his wife.

Jill Biden will appear with the president at two stops in the Tar Heel State, the White House announced. 

The couple will visit Rocky Mount on Friday to discuss workforce training and follow that with a stop at the recently renamed Fort Bragg, now known as Fort Liberty, to meet with service members.

Biden's Pentagon approved the name change, part of a broader effort to purge American culture of Confederate heritage.

Biden's helper

While it's not surprising that the First Lady is supporting the president's re-election bid, Jill Biden has played an unusually active role as a surrogate for her aging husband.

The First Lady has had a busy travel schedule, recently representing the U.S. at the coronation of King Charles III while her husband stayed home. Her prominent role is sure to magnify questions about her husband's fitness, which has come under growing scrutiny recently.

It's unclear if her chaperone duty in North Carolina has any connection with her husband's fall last week at the Air Force Academy, which occurred while the First Lady was out of the country.

But Jill Biden has had her fair share of awkward moments too, urging an audience to clap during an applause line at a recent event.

With a little help from his friends

The First Lady has also drawn mockery with her proud attachment to the title "Doctor" and mangled Spanish pronunciation.

Jill Biden just returned from an international trip to the Middle East and North Africa, where she celebrated her 72nd birthday at the famous Giza pyramids in Egypt.

Her 80-year-old husband's maundering and stiff gait may leave some with the impression of an Egyptian mummy come to life, but the president's powerful friends in the media beg to differ.

The New York Times has a new article out that describes Biden as exhibiting "striking stamina."

"The two Joe Bidens coexist in the same octogenarian president: Sharp and wise at critical moments, the product of decades of seasoning, able to rise to the occasion even in the dead of night to confront a dangerous world," the article said.

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