Jill Biden vows loyalty to LGBTQ crowd while husband fights abortion limits

 June 25, 2023

The president and first lady have been busy in recent days, advocating for causes near and dear to their hearts, with Joe Biden championing his pro-abortion stance, as the AP noted, and Jill Biden trumpeting her solidarity with LGBTQ activists, according to CBS News, signaling that the rights of the unborn will always take a back seat to drag performers at pride parades.

With the 2024 campaign starting to heat up, the candidate and one of his most outspoken surrogates are leaving little doubt about some of the priorities that will take center stage as they make their collective case to the electorate.

Twin Cities pride

As CBS News explained, Jill Biden paid a visit to the Twin Cities Pride Festival in Loring Park on Saturday.

Appearing alongside far-left Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Mrs. Biden was unequivocal in the administration's stance on LGBTQ issues.

The first lady declared her happiness for the opportunity to “celebrate the beauty and the resiliency of this community” and left little doubt about where her husband stands.

“We know that there are those who wish to undo progress this community has made. Joe stands with you now, and he stands with you forever. Today, we're here to find the joy,” Mrs. Biden said to a crowd that included countless revelers parading in drag.

President sounds abortion alarm

Just a day before, Joe Biden was busy sounding the alarm about Republicans he accused of seeking a nationwide, outright ban on abortion, doing so just a short distance away from the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference at which a 15-week federal abortion ban was suggested as an appropriate minimum level of restriction on the procedure.

Speaking to the pro-abortion audience, Biden vowed, “We will not let the most personal of decisions fall into the hands of politicians.”

“Make no mistake,” Biden added, “this election is about freedom on the ballot once again.”

Bolstering his pro-abortion bona fides, Biden on Friday issued an executive order designed to increase access to contraception, and he also courter and received several key endorsements from the group before which he spoke.

Betting on abortion

It seems clear the Biden and the Democrats are banking on abortion once again playing a pivotal role in in electoral outcomes in 2024, just as they did in the 2022 midterms, when the party outperformed expectations by a noteworthy degree.

Though abortion rights activists were never going to be on the fence about their preferred candidate in the next presidential cycle, prominent voices on that side of the issue have declared it critical to endorse Biden as early as possible and in a very visible way, in hopes of spurring voter enthusiasm.

When it comes to Mrs. Biden's full-throated support of the LGBTQ lobby and her appearance at controversial pride events however, the political calculus may turn out to be somewhat more complex.

Amid increasing rainbow-themed fatigue among rank-and-file Americans in the wake of Bud Light's Dylan Mulvaney transgender debacle and Target's “tuck-friendly” swimsuit offering, a growing sense of resentment over what feels to many as corporate force-feeding of a political agenda could arguably cause the Biden campaign's staunch messaging in this realm to backfire, but only time will tell.

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