Jim Jordan Opens House Judiciary Inquiry Into FBI

 May 7, 2024

Well surprise, surprise.

It looks like another aspect of Joe Biden's administration might not exactly be playing by the rules.

This time, it's America's FBI.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, a Republican from Ohio, is opening an inquiry into the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding the agency's hiring practices.

Jordan claims he is focusing on the hires that were part of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) directives from Joe Biden's administration.

America needs to have the best candidates for each position serving in our government, but that is almost exactly the opposite of how DEI works.

Instead of basing hires on "qualifications" in order to make sure that the best federal law enforcement candidates were brought on and retained, the FBI has been more worried about hiring people with what they deem to be the correct gender and skin color.

By pandering to certain groups, and making it so that we lower the required qualifications to serve in certain roles in our government, we aren't helping America, we are hurting it.

Jim Jordan thinks that a lot of these problems can be traced back to one day in particular:

Joe Biden's first day in office.

As soon as Joe strolled into the Oval Office, he announced the creation of DEI programs within America's executive branch.

That means that hires in the executive branch would no longer be based on who was the most qualified candidate for the job.

Instead, candidates would first be vetted to make sure that they matched the skin color the government was looking for, and then their qualifications might start to come into play.

As a result, the quality of hires in the FBI has gone WAY down, and Jim Jordan isn't afraid to call it like he sees it:

"From that time forward, we understand that the FBI has struggled with attracting enough qualified applicants from all desired target groups to sustain its mission," said Jim Jordan. "This is likely due to the FBI re-focusing its recruitment efforts on DEI statistics."

As a result of the FBI no longer hiring "the best and the brightest" employees, the capabilities of the agency have been "degrading," according to Jordan.

Do you agree that hiring candidates who "satisfy the FBI’s priorities to meet Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) mandates" instead of those most qualified is acceptable?

Jim Jordan certainly doesn't.

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