Jim Jordan takes fire as Speaker race heats up

 October 10, 2023

Donald Trump's pick to lead House Republicans should be charged with unspecified "crimes" surrounding January 6th, according to an MSNBC legal analyst.

Glenn Kirschner, a former federal prosecutor, endorsed a law enforcement crackdown on "insurrectionist" Republicans like Jim Jordan (Oh.) during an interview with radio host Dean Obeidallah.

Jim Jordan's "crime"

Jordan, a Trump ally, has taken heat from the left for leading investigations into the prosecutors behind the Trump indictments - part of a broader effort by Jordan to respond to the weaponization of government against conservatives.

Kirschner mocked Jordan's efforts as nothing but a "cover up" for Trump's "crimes," although Kirschner did not elaborate on what law Jordan or Trump broke.

Kirschner was asked by host Dean Obeidallah whether "Jim Jordan is actually a codefendant in Donald Trump’s January 6 related crimes?"

There are a "number of crimes" Jordan has committed, Kirschner said, urging Smith to go "scorched earth" on Jordan and other Republicans.

"In a very real sense, he’s been an accessory after the fact to Donald Trump’s crimes by creating this Mickey Mouse committee on the weaponization of government," he said.

"So there I think there are any number of crimes that Jim Jordan may have committed. And I hope Jack Smith is going scorched earth after those crimes."

Over the target

This is yet another example of Democrats endorsing lawfare against their political opponents on the right, whom Joe Biden has frequently likened to domestic terrorists.

Most notably, Trump is facing four indictments from left-wing prosecutors aligned with Biden, Trump's likely opponent in the 2024 election.

Notably, Trump has not been charged with insurrection or sedition in any of the four criminal cases he faces - including his federal 2020 election case.

Trump offered his coveted endorsement to Jordan in the race to succeed Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca.) at the close of an eventful week in Washington last Friday.

But the weekend brought further developments: following a brutal invasion in Israel by Hamas, there is renewed pressure for McCarthy to take back the gavel and bring order to Washington. Just days after saying he would not run again, McCarthy has changed his tune.

Still, Jordan remains a leading candidate to lead the Republican conference - and the left is treating him accordingly.

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