Joe Biden and Jill Biden go for a bike ride as Devon Archer gives damning testimony

August 1, 2023

Joe Biden went for a bike ride with his wife in Delaware on Monday, giving lapdogs in the media something else to talk about as damning new evidence of the president's corruption surfaced.

As they rode past, Biden and his wife Jill smiled and waved as if nothing was the matter.

Meanwhile, Hunter Biden's former business partner Devon Archer testified to Congress about Joe Biden's role in his son's business dealings.

Biden vacations away from scandal

Biden wore a shirt with a Philadelphia Eagles logo - a shoutout to a city with which Biden has long identified. Philly is where the Penn Biden center is located, a shady think tank with suspected Chinese ties where classified documents were found last year.

Hunter's father has long insisted he had no involvement in his son's foreign business dealings, an untenable claim that all but collapsed Monday.

Archer confirmed that Biden in fact spoke over the phone with his son's business partners more than 20 times, in order to promote "the brand" - that is, Joe Biden.

Archer also said Hunter Biden's Ukrainian business partners lobbied him to "call D.C." about a prosecutor who was investigating their company, Burisma Holdings.

Joe Biden notoriously boasted about his role in pressuring Ukraine to sack the prosecutor, Viktor Shokin.

Biden is enjoying vacation in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, a wealthy, overwhelmingly white boardwalk community where Biden owns a $2.7 million, six-bedroom, 4,800 square foot house.

Scandal buried

Biden left for Delaware just days before Archer testified, and days after his son's sweetheart plea deal blew up in court under a judge's scrutiny.

The deal would have let Hunter Biden off with a slap on the wrist - no jail time and no prospect of future charges for serious crimes like money laundering. Hunter Biden instead pleaded not guilty to tax evasion.

One is almost tempted to think Biden's vacation was timed strategically. With Biden away from Washington, the media has an opportunity to ignore his corruption and report on frivolous gossip instead.

No joke: the AP ran a piece on Jill Biden finding "inner strength" with spin classes at SoulCycle. That was days after her husband grabbed headlines for relaxing on the beach with his shirt off.

What a joke this country has become.

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