Joe Biden can't keep up on campaign trail

 May 26, 2024

Joe Biden and his administration has put a great deal of time and energy into convincing America that despite already being the country's oldest ever president, Joe Biden still has the energy to lead us through another four years. Most Americans are too smart to believe them, because we've seen the proof that Biden hasn't been doing all of his own campaigning.

Some of the replacements that tired old Joe has sent out on the campaign trail in his place have been Jill Biden, Barack Obama, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Bill Clinton.

Joe Biden must think that Americans are pretty stupid if we're supposed to believe that he's too tired to do his own campaigning, but will somehow have enough energy to run the entire country when he's 85-years-old.

While Donald Trump is largely in charge of himself when it comes to what he says publicly despite being locked in a courtroom, liberals simply cannot trust Joe Biden to not make a fool out of himself when he opens his mouth. So, they've had to enlist other people to do his campaigning for him:

Dr. Jill Biden

The most common substitute for Joe Biden these days is his wife, who has been travelling around the country speaking on many different issues so that her husband doesn't have to.

Many of Jill Biden's topics are aimed at women, and maybe it's good she's the one doing the talking on those topics. Joe Biden creeps ladies out too much for them to want to listen to him.

George Clooney and Julia Roberts

It's no secret that the Hollywood elite and our government's elite are all part of the same liberal club, but the amount of energy these two are putting into Joe Biden's campaign is a little over-the-top.

One has to wonder how much Joe Biden must be paying these two, as they've agreed to feature in a contest on Joe Biden's social media platforms. They are also putting their names on campaign spam messages, so look for a text soon from George Clooney begging you to vote Biden.

Bill and Hillary Clinton

For some reason, the Biden administration seems to still think that having the Clintons associated with your campaign will help you.

It won't.

Americans realize that the Clintons are possibly the two biggest stains on America's rich presidential history.

Bill Clinton ruined the prestigious legacy of the position by having sexual relations with a much younger intern. Hillary Clinton proved how weak she was by doing nothing about it, then lost in possibly the biggest upset in American presidential history in 2016.

When THESE are the liberals that you expect to lend you credibility, you've already conceded. Joe Biden knows he can't run this country, he can't even run his own campaign.

Now, the rest of America knows as well.

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