Joe Biden claims he won't pardon son in federal gun case

 June 7, 2024

Prosecutors rested their case on Friday in the trial of Hunter Biden, who is facing three charges stemming from his purchase of a gun despite being a regular drug user.

While many observers believe the evidence against Biden is overwhelming, his father recently ruled out the possibility of granting him a pardon. 

Biden says he will "accept the jury's outcome"

According to Breitbart, President Joe Biden made that announcement earlier this week when he traveled to France for the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

"As we sit here in Normandy, your son Hunter is on trial," ABC News journalist David Muir pointed out during an interview on Thursday.

"I know that you can not speak about an ongoing federal prosecution, but let me ask you, will you accept the jury's outcome no matter what it is?" Muir said.

For his part, the president was blunt when responding to Muir's question, simply stating, "Yes." Biden gave the same answer when the journalist asked if he had ruled out pardoning his son.

Law professor says Hunter Biden faces "an open and shut case"

Yet despite the overwhelming evidence, Jonathan Turley George Washington University Law professor Jonathan Turley suggested that the president's son is hoping political bias will work to his advantage.

"[The Defense] said that Hunter Biden wasn't doing drugs when he signed that [gun form]," Turley told Fox News on Friday.

"They have a text from him the next day trying to score drugs from a guy named Mookie, and the day after that doing drugs on the hood of a car, according to texts," the law professor pointed out.

"That leads to this question of why isn't he just pleading guilty. This is an open and shut case. It's obvious he was doing drugs and signed the form falsely," Turley noted, adding that doing so "might keep him out of jail."

Joe Biden won over 87% of the vote in Wilmington

"The answer is: This is Biden town. This is a Biden who is standing trial in his hometown and this is the opposite of Manhattan," Turley continued, referring to former President Donald Trump's.

"Here, the jury pool could not be better for the defendant, and I think the defense is using a nullification strategy," he insisted.

Data published by Delaware's Department of Elections shows that President Biden secured over 87% of Wilmington's vote in 2020.

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