Joe Biden May Be In Legal Trouble Over Bogus "Political Origin Story"

 March 26, 2024

Joe Biden may have violated rule 916, and it could get him in a LOT of trouble.

What's rule 916, you may ask?

"False statements to a federal investigator."

For almost 20 years now, President Joe Biden has told a story about why he's devoted his life to politics.

We know it's money, but Joe has had to come up with a coverup story in order to make himself a little more acceptable to the general public.

He's mostly stuck to the same story again and again, despite knowing that it's false.

It took this long for Biden to maybe get in trouble for it, because there had never been a law against stretching the truth.

UNLESS you're lying to a federal agent, which is what Joe Biden was doing when he repeated this story to a man America knows very well:

Biden claims that he was fresh out of law school as a clerk in a Delaware law firm.

The company Biden was representing had recently been sued by an age 23 worker who "lost part of his penis and one of his testicles" in a fire.

"I wrote this memo. And son of a b—, it prevailed," Biden told Hur on Oct. 8. "And I looked over at that kid…and I thought, ‘son of a b—, I’m in the wrong business, I'm not made for this.’"

Biden alleges he was so wracked with guilt that he walked into the public defender's office to ask for a job that very day.

It's a fine story, sure. But it never happened. has scoured the archives and gotten to the bottom of what REALLY happened in the case Joe was referring to:

"Although Biden did work at a law firm tapped to defend a construction company in a negligence suit like the one he described to Hur, the case concluded in 1968, while Biden was still in law school. And the welder won, walking away with $315,000, more than $2.8 million in 2024 dollars."

We KNOW that the story was a lie.

We KNOW that Joe Biden told it to a federal agent.

Anybody else would be in jail.

Why isn't Biden?

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Thomas Jefferson
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