Joe Biden misspells word "eight" during speech this week

 April 20, 2023

Critics of President Joe Biden have long said he shows signs of cognitive decline, with the latest example coming this week.

According to the New York Post, Biden misspelled the word "eight" while giving a speech on Wednesday. 

The president was addressing members of the International Union of Operating Engineers in Accokeek, Maryland on Wednesday when he addressed the tax rates that billionaires allegedly pay.

Biden falsely says that his father never attended college

"We have a thousand billionaires in America," Biden declared before adding, "You know the average tax rate they pay? Eight — E-I-G-H percent — 8%."

The Post noted that Biden's difficulty with spelling was not the only thing about his speech to raise eyebrows among observers, as he also said, "My dad never went to college. My dad was a decent, honorable man who busted his neck."

However, a 2020 report published by the York Daily Record pointed to a 1941 newspaper announcement which was put out ahead of Joe Biden, Sr.'s wedding.

Multiple polls show most voters think Biden is too old, lacks cognitive prowess

"Mr. Biden is a graduate of St. Thomas High School and attended Johns Hopkins University. He is a salesman for the American Oil Company," the article read.

The president's gaffes come just over two weeks after a CNN poll found that 67% of Americans believe he lacks "the stamina and sharpness to serve effectively as president."

Meanwhile another survey conducted by YouGov in March found that 68% of registered voters think the 80-year-old Biden is too "too old for another term."

Interestingly, 48% of registered Democrats agreed that Biden is too elderly to serve another term in the White House compared with just 34% who disagreed.

Former White House doctor doubts Biden is "cognitively capable of doing this job"

Breitbart reported in March that former White House physician and current Texas Republican Rep. Ronnie Jackson complained to Fox News about a recent medical examination of the president, saying it revealed no information on his cognitive performance.

"They gave us a bunch of useless information about his cholesterol and the stuff that no one cares about," Jackson insisted

"All we care about in this country with regards to President Biden, 80 years old, who’s got some obvious cognitive issues, is a cognitive assessment of some sort," he continued, adding, "We want something on the record to prove to us that he’s cognitively capable of doing this job."

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