Joe Biden Suddenly Interested In Fixing Border Wall

 November 6, 2023

People from all walks of life who live in America have been very scared about the way that Joe Biden is handling America's southern border.

Joe Biden has NEVER had any interest in fixing or maintaining the barrier in between America and Mexico.

We knew that from the second he appointed Kamala Harris our "border czar."

It's pretty much a rule that if you don't want something to be accomplished, then you should put Kamala Harris in charge of that thing.

Cacklin' Kamala has NEVER been able to fool us into thinking that she knows what she is talking about. On the border or any other issue.

So, it certainly is quite a flip that we're seeing out of Joe Biden recently.

He's gone from putting Kamala Harris in charge of closing the border in an attempt to keep the border wide open, to suddenly having a huge interest in fixing America's southern border. is suggesting two hypothesizes for Biden's sudden shift on the issue.

One, there could actually be legitimate policy change taking place.

Two, and this is the more likely reason, Joe Biden's team simply realized what a beating he's been taking in the polls recently.

We shouldn't be ungrateful, we are lucky that Joe Biden is spending any time, money, or energy on America's southern border.

We're not used to Joe Biden actually caring about what we think as Republicans, so that's why a lot of Republicans are extremely skeptical about Joe Biden all of a sudden waking up and wanting to take responsibility for our southern border.

If Joe had ever actually WANTED the border wall fixed, he never would have put Kamala Harris in charge of it.

America's White House must be panicking over Joe Biden's poll numbers.

I don't see how they wouldn't be.

Even CNN is up in arms about what Donald Trump is doing to Joe Biden in the polls.

In most polls, Donald Trump is leading in many key states.

Let's keep it that way. There's no need to look at Joe Biden pretending to fix the border and continuing to vote the same way. He still doesn't want the border fixed, he just needs to put forth the illusion.

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Thomas Jefferson
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