Joe Biden Supporting Both Sides Of Hamas/Israel War

 November 29, 2023

Senator Bill Hagerty just put President Joe Biden in his place.

When Senator Bill Hagerty made a recent appearance on FBN’s “Mornings with Maria,” he dropped a bomb about President Joe Biden.

According to Hagerty, Biden has been funding both sides of the Israel and Hamas war.

“You’ve got the Biden administration that is saying one thing and yet doing another. It’s fairly typical for their foreign policy. What the Biden administration is doing and has continued to do is send “humanitarian aid” to the Palestinians, including into Gaza. When I was over right after the 11-day war in May of 2021, Prime Minister Netanyahu and his staff briefed me on what Hamas leadership was doing with those funds,” Hagerty said.

So, what is Hamas doing with all that funding?

Senator Bill Hagerty knows exactly what is going on.

“They take the funds. They call them “taxation.” They take the funds. They take any produces that comes in, even take pipes and infrastructure and turn those into bombs and weapons and rockets that they use to launch right back into Israel. We’re funding both sides of the war,” said Hagerty.

Hagerty even took the time to ask United States Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, if he could assure him that the aid given to Hamas was not being used to create weapons.

“I had Secretary Blinken in front of me just a few weeks ago, and I asked him point blank, can you assure me that the humanitarian aid that we sent to Hamas has not been used as weapons to come back on Israel? He couldn’t do that,” Hagerty said.

Yet, President Joe Biden claims he stands with Israel.

How can you say you support Israel and in the same breath arm their enemy?

Let’s take it one step further – how can you encourage Israel to hand power back to Palestinian Authority full well knowing you yourself have provided the funding that will, without a doubt, turn into more bloodshed for the innocent people of Israel?

Two things are abundantly clear:

1) America needs more voices like Senator Bill Hagerty who call President Joe Biden out for his careless, hollow support.

2) President Joe Biden has got to go!

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