Joe Biden's brother texted Hunter following report on Chinese energy company

 May 29, 2023

During an interview with MSNBC earlier this month, President Joe Biden insisted that his son Hunter "has done nothing wrong."

However, a set of text messages from five years ago were recently made public, and they provide yet more evidence that the president's claim was a lie.

"You need a safe harbor"

According to the Daily Mail, the messages were sent to Hunter Biden by the president's younger brother Jim Biden in December of 2018.

The messages were prompted by a New York Times article outlining Hunter's business ties to CEFC China Energy, a corporation affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

"Jim texted Hunter on the secure messaging app WhatsApp two weeks after the 2018 New York Times story exposed Hunter's connections to a corrupt Chinese linked oil firm CEFC," the Mail reported.

"The message indicated that Joe may have been in on their business plans. 'This can work, you need a safe harbor,' Jim wrote. 'I can work with you father alone !!'" it went on to add.

Bank records show millions in foreign cash sent to Biden family members

This information comes just weeks after House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer announced that banking records show Biden family members received more than $10 million from foreign entities.

As CBS News noted, a 36-page interim report revealed how the money was filtered through a "complicated network" of companies, many of which formed when Joe Biden was serving as vice president.

The cash is said to have been distributed via "incremental payments over time" as part of an apparent effort to "conceal large financial transactions."

"From a historical standpoint, we've never seen a presidential family receive these sums of money from adversaries around the world," Comer was quoted as saying during a press conference broadcast on C-SPAN.

Comer says the president "has been involved in this from the very beginning"

"I don't think anyone in America who's watching C-SPAN or any other network covering this would think that it's just a coincidence that nine Biden family members have received money for this influence-peddling scheme," Comer said.

"We believe that the president has been involved in this from the very beginning, obviously. We're going to continue to look," he said, though he did not identify any direct or indirect payments to Mr. Biden," the chairman promised.

"What we cited today and what we're updating you with today — results from four banks. We believe there are 12 banks. So right now, you could say that we're in the beginning stages of this investigation," Comer stressed.

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