Joe Biden's Great-Great-Grandfather Was Pardoned By Abe Lincoln

 February 21, 2024

President Joe Biden has a connection to the White House that long surpasses his time as president and even vice president.

As it turns out, Biden’s great-great grandfather was pardoned by the 16th president, President Abraham Lincoln.

Thanks to David J. Gerleman, a well-educated historian, we now know the story of the time Biden’s ancestor, Moses J. Robinette, was pardoned by President Lincoln for an attempted murder charge.

The year was 1864.

Biden’s grandfather, Robinette, was an army veterinary surgeon.

He got into a fight with another Union employee, pulled out a knife and drew blood.

Robinette claimed he was acting in self-defense but no one was buying it.

He was sentenced to two years of hard labor.

However, Lincoln thought that punishment was too severe and pardoned Robinette for his crimes.

Lincoln pardoned Robinette just one year before the president’s assassination in 1865!

If Lincoln did not pardon Robinette, who knows what would have happened.

There’s a chance Joe Biden may not have even been born let alone become the president!

Gerleman published his article in the Washington Post.

“[The] 22 well-preserved pages of [Robinette's] trial transcript, unobtrusively squeezed among many hundreds of other routine court-martial cases in the National Archives, reveal the hidden link between the two men — and between two presidents across the centuries,” wrote Gerleman in the article.

While Gerleman has noted the historical connection between two presidents – we can’t help but focus on another similarity of the story.

It seems Joe Biden and his relatives have always had trouble following the law!

Not only following the law but also taking accountability.

Sound familiar?

Biden and his relatives have been under the belief for years that anyone under the family umbrella is protected from the law.

But, that just isn’t the case anymore.

The GOP has HAD IT with families like Joe Biden’s who think they are above the law.

No one in this country is above the law and the sooner Joe Biden and his family recognize that, the better.

President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, avoided multiple court subpoenas before finally agreeing to provide his testimony.

Now, he’s set to testify on February 28th.

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
Thomas Jefferson
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