Joe Rogan claims Biden document scandal may be a Democrat plan to replace him

 January 17, 2023

Podcaster Joe Rogan said that President Joe Biden's classified document scandal could be a plan be Democrats to keep him from running again in 2024.

Rogan made the suggestion during his weekend podcast "The Joe Rogan Experience."

The claim

“If I had to guess — they’re trying to get rid of him,” the 55-year-old host said of President Biden’s own party. “My guess would be they’re trying to get rid of him.”

Rogan believed that it was odd that Biden's own supporters were the people who said they found the classified documents in his Delaware home.

The Chinese influence

Rogan also blasted Biden over classified documents found in his Penn Center office.

“So the Chinese might be funding a think tank that has classified documents?” Rogan said. “$54 million in Chinese gifts donated to UPenn, home of the Biden center. What the f***, man? $54 million in gifts. This just like, you know, yo-yos, and s***. Xboxes, beer koozies. What the f*** are they giving them?”

“What’s crazy is that the documents being there are the big story not that China gave them 50 plus million dollars,” Rogan said. “That’s a big g*****n story. And that seems to be par for the course right?”

No visitor's log at Delaware home where documents were found

The situation worsened on Monday when it was revealed that Biden's home has no visitor logs recording who may have had access to the classified materials. Biden held onto classified materials in his home for years with no record of who had access to them.

An investigation is underway with a special counsel appointed to investigate by Justice Department head Merrick Garland.

The lack of visitor logs is concerning, but the investigation will continue into the contents of the documents as well as who had access to them.

The reports concerning the classified documents also come as Biden is expected to soon announce plans to run for reelection in 2024 as he faces a comeback bid from former President Donald Trump.

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