Joe Rogan says Tucker could win presidency in 2028

August 15, 2023

Popular podcaster Joe Rogan offered his unsolicited presidential endorsement of Tucker Carlson, saying the former Fox host could win the White House in 2028 if he pursued it.

"Let’s just make a scenario. Trump wins in 2024. He has four years. If Tucker went to run in 2028, he could win. He really could win, because it would be kind of carrying those policies," Rogan said.

Rogan noted Carlson's appeal as a "no-nonsense guy" who exposes the lies of the establishment - a role Trump has played in the political arena.

"Also, he's sort of a no-nonsense guy who exposes bull****, you know, in a kind of humorous way and a very insightful and biting way," Rogan added.

Tucker 2028?

Speaking to Carlson's cross-party appeal, Rogan remarked that the journalist "has red-pilled a lot of left-wing people" with his anti-establishment commentary on subjects like the war in Ukraine.

Carlson has spoken about his affinity for Trump and the former president's anti-establishment views, particularly on foreign policy, telling Russell Brand in July that the former president is "the most significant thing to happen in American politics in 100 years."

"Trump is the only person with stature in the Republican Party really who is saying, 'Wait a second, why are we supporting an endless war in Ukraine?'"

Although Carlson's sharp "America First" commentary has led many to see him as a potential Trump successor, the journalist has long dismissed rumors of political ambition.

Carlson's next moves

While his unceremonious firing from Fox News has led to fresh speculation about his future, Carlson has given no sign politics is on his mind - with his lawyer stating he "will not run for President in 2024 under any circumstances" after an outside group attempted to draft him.

Carlson remains an enormously popular and highly influential figure on the right, however, recently playing the role of kingmaker at the Family Leadership Sumit in Iowa.

He very much appears to be focused on moving forward with his career as a journalist, launching a new Twitter show that has racked up millions of views per episode.

The journalist has continued to break news on controversial subjects like January 6th, recently interviewing former Capitol Police chief Steven Sund.

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