John Bolton demands Trump drop out of 2024 race over latest indictment

 June 10, 2023

Now that former President Donald Trump has been indicted for a second time, several of his Republican critics have called on him to suspend or terminate his 2024 presidential campaign.

According to the Washington Examiner, the latest anti-Trumper to do so is former national security adviser John Bolton, who briefly worked for Trump, but later turned on him.

With the former president still dominating most Republican primary polls for 2024, Bolton's call will likely fall on deaf ears.

Bolton and others who've called on Trump to suspend his campaign have been criticized for the early demands, given that Trump hasn't had a chance to defend himself in court yet.

Withdraw "immediately"

The former national security adviser didn't pull any punches in his demand for Trump to step out of the 2024 Republican primary race.

Donald Trump should immediately withdraw as a candidate for president. Criminal charges are piling up around him," Bolton tweeted.

He added: "If Trump truly stood for America First policies, he would support the rule of law instead of continually flouting it. Withdraw now!"

Not surprisingly, Bolton is another Republican rumored to have 2024 presidential ambitions, though with his low popularity, he would likely end up in the political dust heap with others who will be lucky to crack 1% in the polls.

The Examiner noted:

Bolton said in December that Trump as the Republican nominee would be "unacceptable." He has been a critic of Trump since he departed his role in the administration in 2019.

Social media reacts

Twitter users responded to Bolton's tweet for Trump to step down, torching him in the process.

"He needs to run now, more than ever. Look in the mirror, John. Do you see that jealous, bitter warmonger in the reflection? That’s the face of a washed-up RINO," one Twitter user wrote.

Another Twitter user added: "You need to retire. Your war mongering days are over. No one wants your opinion. Too many veterans have lost limbs and died because of your thirst to push unnecessary wars."

While there might have been a window for Bolton to run for the White House in the past, it's undoubtedly closed at this point, given how strongly he's disliked by Trump's powerful and very large base of Republican supporters.

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