John Fetterman says GOP is causing Pennsylvania to "fall behind" on legal marijuana

 December 2, 2023

In a move sure to leave Republicans furious, Pennsylvania Democratic Sen. John Fetterman blamed them for allowing his state to lose money on marijuana.  

That came during an interview with City & State Pennsylvania in which the lawmaker said Republicans have caused Pennsylvania to miss out as surrounding states have legalized the drug.

"How many states around Pennsylvania are we falling behind?"

"I have long been very clear about legal weed and I was very honored to be able to vote for the SAFER Banking Act," Fetterman said, referring to legislation allowing banks to manage funds derived from legal marijuana sales.

"This month, Ohio voted to legalize weed. It’s absolutely absurd – how many states around Pennsylvania are we falling behind?" the Democratic lawmaker asked.

"I don’t partake in it, although I’ve always maintained that it should be legal, it should be safe, it should be pure and it should be taxed," he continued.

"I think those funds should go toward supporting whatever the government ultimately decides to put it – whether it’s education or infrastructure," Fetterman stressed.

Fetterman argues that legalization will reduce crime

"Also, there are fights and robberies – sometimes even more tragic events – over weed. You would never have an argument over a six-pack of beer, but because weed is illicit the value is obviously distorted," Fetterman noted.

He went on to argue that marijuana laws disproportionately impact racial minorities and described legalizing the drug as "a no brainer."

A map detailing state marijuana laws published by DISA Global Solutions shows that New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Ohio have all legalized the drug for recreational use.

Republicans aren't the ones that Fetterman has upset in recent days, as the lawmaker has also taken shots at some within his own party.

Senator takes on fellow Democrat

Fox News reported last week that Fetterman left some on the left were "bitterly disappointed" after he put up pictures of Hamas' hostages outside his Senate office.

What's more, Fetterman ruffled feathers on Friday when he suggested that New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez should face expulsion over his criminal charges.

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