John Fetterman slams Democrats who support anti-Israel protests

 April 23, 2024

Several high-profile Democrats have voiced support for the daughter of Minnesota Democratic Ilhan Omar, who was arrested last week after participating in an illegal anti-Israel protest at Columbia University.

Yet in a humiliating sign of his party's divisions, Pennsylvania Democratic Sen. John Fetterman pushed back hard against that perspective.Β 

Fetterman says aggressive demonstrators aren't "noble"

Fetterman's remarks came during an interview with Fox News this past Friday that saw him slam aggressive demonstrations at bridges, airports, and other public venues.

"It is not appropriate or legal or helpful to advance your argument if you show up in a Starbucks with a bullhorn and start yelling at people," Fetterman complained.

The Democratic lawmaker asserted that those participating in such activities are not "noble," stating, "It just makes you an a--hole."

Fetterman explained that believes in the right to peaceful protest, saying, "It's very American to protest and to do that in the appropriate way. I absolutely support that."

Senator says Democrats who don't condemn Iran are "crazy"

However, he was quick to stress the potential collateral damage that blocking infrastructure can inflict on ordinary people.

"There could be people that [are in] an emergency, or they're going to be late for work – that they could lose their job, or they have to pick up their kids or drop kids off."

While not identifying anyone by name, Fetterman also leveled criticism at some of his fellow Democrats, saying, "I was appalled that there were members of our party – Democrats that can't even condemn Iran. That's crazy."

What's more, Fetterman insisted that blame for the conflict in Gaza does not lay with Israel, declaring, "We can't ever forget Hamas started this, and they have chosen to do the most terrible, awful, unspeakable things."

AOC voices supporting for Rep. Omar's daughter

"They have the power to decide, today – send everyone home and surrender, and all the trauma, the death, and everything in Gaza can end. And you can get back on the path of peace and a two-state solution," he said.

Fetterman's words came one day after New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez condemned Bernard College for suspending Rep. Omar's daughter over her arrest.

What is going on here [Barnard College and Columbia University]?" Ocasio-Cortez in a post on X, the social media platform previously known as Twitter.

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