Actor Jonathan Majors hit with more allegations of abusive behavior from ex-girlfriends, female crew members, and former classmates

 February 10, 2024

Hollywood actor Jonathan Majors, who was tried and convicted last year for assaulting his ex-girlfriend during a public domestic violence incident in New York City, is now facing a slew of additional accusations from multiple other women.

Majors stands accused of being abusive, both physically and emotionally, by at least two other former girlfriends along with numerous other female crew members who worked on various projects the famous actor has starred in, USA Today reported.

The actor, through his attorney, has denied any wrongdoing, even as some of the supposed details of certain alleged incidents were confirmed or explained away as inconsequential or misinterpretations.

Allegations of abuse from ex-girlfriends

The New York Times reported this week that the allegations of Majors' abusive behavior date back more than a decade to when he was a student at the Yale School of Drama, where he dated a fellow acting student named Maura Hooper.

Hooper told The Times that Majors was manipulatively controlling and emotionally abusive during a two-year relationship that included threats of physical violence, him telling her to kill herself or that he'd kill himself, and a pregnancy that ended with him abandoning her at an abortion clinic and then later using that abortion to emotionally attack her after they broke up when he found out she was dating somebody else.

After his split with Hooper, Majors dated another actress named Emma Duncan for several years, and she told The Times about numerous instances of him being physically violent as well as emotionally abusive toward her in the relationship that he sought to firmly control.

Duncan also recounted multiple occasions in which he either urged her to commit suicide or threatened to suicide himself, or both. Majors' attorney, Priya Chaudhry, denied any physical abuse and discounted the claims from Hooper and Duncan, though she acknowledged her client had been involved in "toxic" relationships, had battled "depression," and at times admittedly said "hurtful things" to others.

More allegations from female crew members and former classmates

The Times also reported on allegations of emotional and verbal abuse by Majors toward female crew members, including directors and producers, on the sets of various projects he worked on, including HBO's "Lovecraft Country," and it was noted that complaints had been filed against the "volatile" actor.

That report from The Times appeared to confirm and expand upon allegations that were first revealed, albeit from unnamed sources, in a Rolling Stone article in June 2023, which included the accusations of abusive behavior from the two ex-girlfriends and female crew members on other projects.

The Rolling Stone article also revealed that Majors' unsettlingly abusive and threatening behavior -- explained away by some as merely an unfortunate byproduct of his immersive "method" acting style of completely adopting a character's personality and traits for the duration of a role -- first became evident during his time at Yale, according to several former classmates.

In a statement to USA Today, Majors' attorney Chaudhry claimed her client was "choosing to take responsibility for his role" in prior "toxic" relationships with women who were "mutually emotionally volatile."

"Looking back, he is embarrassed by some of his jealous behavior and has been addressing these personal, lifelong depression issues with counseling," the lawyer added, even as she denied or explained away the specific details of various alleged instances of physical and emotional abuse.

Acting career now imperiled

Majors, perhaps best known for his role as Kang the Conqueror in Disney's Marvel Universe, was previously considered to be one of the hottest rising stars in Hollywood, though his once-promising career is now quite possibly over amid the mounting allegations of his volatile and abusive behavior toward women.

Some of the highlights of his acting career include roles in the TV series "When We Rise," "Lovecraft Country," and "Loki," as well as films like "Hostiles," "White Boy Rick," "The Last Black Man in San Francisco," "The Harder They Fall," "Devotion," "Magazine Dreams," "Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania," and "Creed III."

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