Jonathan Majors reportedly tried to make his ex-girlfriend act like Michelle Obama and Coretta Scott King

 December 8, 2023

There have been increasing claims made against Marvel star Jonathan Majors.

The actor is currently involved in legal proceedings related to allegations of misdemeanor charges involving a former girlfriend. He has entered a plea of not guilty to all charges, as NPR reported.

The reported incident occurred on the night of March 25, when Grace Jabbari made an accusation that Majors had engaged in aggressive physical contact with her while they were traveling in a car to his apartment.

It has been reported that the actor allegedly engaged in aggressive behavior towards her, including forcefully placing her back into the car, as well as causing harm to her arm and hand.

She received medical attention at a hospital for minor injuries to her head and neck, which included a cut to her ear.

In the ongoing misdemeanor assault case that began on Monday, Dec. 4, the actor's ex-girlfriend and alleged victim, stated that the 34-year-old expressed a desire for her to exhibit qualities similar to those of former First Lady Michelle Obama or civil rights icon Coretta Scott King, as BET reported.

The Defense

During opening statements, Majors' attorney Priya Chaudhry suggested that Jabbari's accusations of domestic violence against her client may be influenced by their recent breakup, as well as potential racial bias that may have played a role in his arrest in March.

Meanwhile, Assistant District Attorney Michael Perez expressed concerns about the behavior of the "Creed III" star, suggesting a potential pattern of psychological abuse that could be perceived as cruel and manipulative.

According to ABC News, the jury was presented with a recording made by Jabbari using her iPhone, in which the actor can be heard expressing his expectations for her behavior, referencing figures such as Coretta Scott King or Michelle Obama, backing up the former girlfriend's claim about the actor.

“I’m a great man. A great man. I do great things for my culture and for the world…The woman that supports me needs to be a great woman,” Majors was heard saying. "Two nights ago, you did not do that. Which took away from the plan.”

The Actor's Career

Majors, a Yale theater graduate, was given a dream part as the villain Kang the Conqueror in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

He was already well-known for his dramatic roles in films like Creed III and Lovecraft Country, and many considered him to be the next face of the multibillion-dollar franchise.

His persona has appeared in the second season of Loki on Disney+ and the film Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

However, the actor has been cut from a number of upcoming Hollywood productions. Also, the release of at least one finished movie in which he starred, Magazine Dreams, has been postponed.

Majors' management and publicist allegedly fired him and pulled him from an advertisement campaign. For months, there have been rumors concerning his future with Marvel, one of the world's largest entertainment companies.

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