Jonathan Turley expresses concern over seriousness of Trump's indictment

 June 12, 2023

George Washington University law professor and Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley issued a dire warning for former President Donald Trump and his lawyers. 

According to The Daily Wire, Turley, who defended Trump on television after Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg's indictment earlier this year, believes that the Department of Justice's indictment against Trump is "quite strong," and even hinted that the former president faces actual prison time.

He added that the sentence could be "terminal," given the charges laid out against him.

Turley offered his insight during a panel discussion with former Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume.

"Run the table"

Turley emphasized that if Trump doesn't "run the table" from a legal defense perspective, he faces dire consequences.

"The problem is that he’s got to run the table, he’s 76 years old, [and] all the government has to do is stick the landing on one count and he could have a terminal sentence," Turley said.

He added: "You’re talking about crimes that have a 10- or 20-year period, as a maximum. The evidence here is quite strong."

"But some of this evidence is coming from his former counsel," Turley continued.

He added:

And these are very damaging statements that have been made against him. It may be hard to move those. The fact is, both things may be true. Yes, the Department of Justice may have been out to get him, but he made it easy. If you look at what is being described in this indictment, [when] confronted with someone that he felt was trying to get him, he couldn’t have made it more easy for them to do so.”

What else?

Some of the charges could be tossed out by the grand jury, according to the panelists, but it's the audio recording of Trump that had Gowdy most concerned.

"Well, the most damning piece of evidence to me is the audio tape. I mean, you want to talk about consciousness of guilt," Gowdy said.

He added: "You want to talk about knowledge and intent. I mean, those are the darlings of a prosecutor’s nursery. And that came from President Trump’s own mouth."

Only time will tell if President Joe Biden's Department of Justice scores the political prosecution of all time, but make no mistake -- Trump's legal defense is among the best in the nation, and they won't go down without one heck of a fight.

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