Jonathan Turley Thinks Fani Willis Should Recuse Herself From Trump's Case

 January 21, 2024

Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis has made a terrible mistake.

She's totally destroyed America's trust in her.

No credibility

If you trusted Fani Willis before, you certainly don't now.

That's because America has learned that she's been up to some EXTREMELY shady business, such as tabbing her lover to prosecute Donald Trump.

Fani Willis decided to legally involve the estranged wife of her lover, and it's going to cause a lot of problems.


America's liberals really are sick in the head, and proof of that can be seen everywhere around Donald Trump's cases.

The people attacking him do not work on logic, common sense, or brains.

They operate on nothing but pure hatred.

Trump is hated for upsetting their way of life.

Before Donald came around, Democrats had a stranglehold on America's two-party system and appeared to be cruising to a majority that America could never come back from.

They were addicting the Americans already here to handouts and welfare, and inviting immigrants in droves regardless of their legal status just to get more liberal voters into this country.

Then, in 2016, Donald Trump came along and pulled back the curtain on their whole operation.

Liberals clawed it back by "winning" the 2020 election, and Joe Biden went right back to the old tricks of liberals. Joe is trying to take things even further by letting illegal immigrants waltz into this country and many liberals are also trying to make sure that these illegal immigrants can vote without identification or documentation.

The left simply lost their minds trying to get Trump, but one may have made the biggest mistake of all:

Fani Wilis

Just ask legal expert Jonothan Turley:

Turley thinks that Fani Willis has muddied the waters so badly with her immature decisions that she should recuse herself from Trump's case.

"The level of animus and vexatious language in the filing only magnifies the concern over the Willis-Wade relationship. By attacking the estranged wife of her alleged lover, Willis only increases concerns over the professional separation between Willis and Wade in making decisions in the case. The accusatory motion was a mistake in my view. Willis could have objected to the necessity of the deposition on factual and legal grounds (as she does) without escalating the rhetoric and recriminations."

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