Jordan subpoenas Biden administration for info on violent illegal immigrants

 February 21, 2024

House Republicans have ordered the Biden administration to share the case files of several illegal immigrants who have been charged with "heinous" crimes including murder. 

The Health and Human Services Department has spent months stonewalling the request, triggering a subpoena from House Judiciary Committee chairman Jim Jordan (R).

In a letter to HHS secretary Xavier Becerra, Jordan redoubled his request for information about "unvetted" unaccompanied alien children (UACs) who went on to commit "heinous criminal acts" such as murder.

Biden subpoenaed over criminal aliens

Health and Human Services is responsible for the care of UACs and reuniting them with a sponsor or family member in the United States.

The agency has fought Jordan's oversight requests, citing the privacy of the criminal aliens whose case files Jordan is seeking.

Months passed from Jordan's initial request in June and the agency's response in November, when it offered to let the committee see documents with certain restrictions.

Jordan said the agency's response undermined the separation of powers and Congress' legitimate oversight functions.

Still, the committee engaged "in good faith" only to discover that the files were blacked out with "pervasive redactions."

The redactions "blocked entire pages of material," including details about "serious incidents" involving migrants in HHS custody and details about tattoos and other markings indicative of gang affiliation.

"HHS’s failure to provide the requested case file materials hinders the Committee’s ability to fulfill its constitutional oversight obligations and is unacceptable," Jordan wrote.

White House defiant

A spokesperson for HHS told NBC News that Jordan is requesting "personally identifiable information" that has an "unclear" purpose.

The agency also accused Republicans of "offering a false pretense for a subpoena while still refusing to take action on immigration reform and border security."

That comment is a reference to Biden's scuttled immigration reform bill, which was rejected by Republicans who say Biden already has the power to solve a crisis that he started by relaxing immigration enforcement.

Violent crimes by young migrants have grabbed media attention lately, forcing Democrats to acknowledge that there is a crisis at the border after three years of looking away.

Biden says his hands are tied by a "broken system" and that Republicans are to blame for rejecting a "bipartisan" reform in Congress.

Despite Biden's attempt to shift the blame, voters continue to hold him responsible for the chaos.

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