Josh Hawley says it's time for Mitch McConnell to step down as GOP leader

September 7, 2023

This past November saw Kentucky Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell easily win reelection as Senate Minority leader in a 37 to 10 vote.

Yet just 10 months later, one prominent member of the GOP's Senate caucus is saying that it's time for McConnell to be removed.

Hawley says is "asked everywhere" about McConnell

According to Breitbart, Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley addressed McConnell's leadership this week when speaking with Fox News senior congressional correspondent Chad Pegram.

"We were just home for a month in my home state of Missouri. I was asked everywhere I went about Senator McConnell before the most recent incident — and then absolutely afterwards. I mean, everywhere I went," McConnell was quoted as saying.

"Missouri state fair, farmers meetings, business meetings," he recalled. "My view is that 2024 is an awfully important election for Republicans; we should have taken back the Senate last year; we didn’t."

"This is our shot to take it back. I just hope we're going to be focused on that," Hawley declared. When asked whether McConnell should step down as GOP leader, the senator didn't hold back, saying, "Oh absolutely. That's why I voted against him in December."

Freeze-up during Capitol Hill press conference

There have been growing concerns over the 81-year-old McConnell's fitness to lead following a pair of incidents this summer.

The first came in late July when McConnell suddenly stopped talking during a press conference on Capitol Hill.

The second incident came just over a month later as McConnell was answering reporters' questions following a lengthy speech to the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Government Forum.

Another disturbing incident

When asked whether or not he would run for another term in office, McConnell suddenly stopped speaking and stared into the distance.

After roughly 30 seconds of silence, an aide asked McConnell if he had heard the question. Although the senator said that he had, he offered no further comment.

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