Journalist embeds deep in cartel territory, reveals 'killers and pedophiles' sneaking across border

 April 5, 2024

President Joe Biden's non-existent southern border policies are dangerous in ways that most Americans aren't even aware of. 

According to Daily Mail, writer Todd Bensman went deep inside the Mexican cartel's gang territory and learned many shocking things happening behind the scenes including "pedophiles and killers" paying cartel members to sneak them into the United States at any cost.

Bensman embedded within the La Linea Cartel territory, "a vast high desert region west of Ciudad Juárez, to document a part of the migrant crisis that few ever see: the smuggling of dangerous criminals into America."

The area is one of the most crime-ridden, dangerous intersections of Mexico and Texas, with high levels of cartel activity.

What happened?

Bensman noted that at most entrances to the United States, migrants freely turn themselves over to American law enforcement officers just to get into the country. They rarely show up to the required immigration hearings that they promise to attend, sometimes years later.

But deep in cartel territory, just miles away, Bensman said there's an entirely different approach by many of the would-be border crossers.

Daily Mail noted:

Here, migrants – at great expense and considerable risk – do everything they can to avoid American law enforcement. That's because some have criminal records that would necessitate their instant removal from the U.S.

Bensman reported that holes are constantly being cut in the border fencing, and American contractors hired to repair the holes are used to the job, saying that as soon as they patch a hole, a new one is cut further down the line.

"Honestly, it doesn't matter,' one of the U.S. contractors said, while laughing. "Every time we fix a hole, they're cutting another a quarter mile down. It's nonstop, day and night."

The "gotaways" problem

The number of illegals crossing the border is insane, to say the least. And what's especially insane is the number of "gotaways" that manage to sneak across.

The outlet noted:

Individuals who sneak into the country undetected are called 'gotaways,' by U.S. Border Patrol. An estimated 2 million 'gotaways' have entered the U.S. since President Biden was inaugurated.

In some sectors, Bensman said, border officials deal with roughly 200 gotaways every single night. And there's no telling what kind of record they have.

The border issue is one of the biggest issues for the upcoming November election, and Biden had better do something in the meantime if he doesn't want to get totally destroyed on the issue come November.

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