Journalists reveals why Letitia James is trying to get Trump's bond rejected

 April 21, 2024

The Citizen Free Press just released a video compilation of New York Attorney General Letitia James (D), a compilation that the outlet says explains why it is that James recently asked a judge to reject the $175 million bond that former President Donald Trump has posted. 

Watch the video for yourself here:


For those unfamiliar with James, she is New York's attorney general, and she campaigned for the job by promising New York voters that she would weaponize the law against Trump - and this is exactly what she has done.

James is the one who brought the civil fraud case against Trump, alleging that Trump illegally overvalued his assets on bank loan forms. She managed to get a leftist judge - Arthur Engoron - to agree with her, and, among other things, Engoron has hit Trump with a more than $450 million penalty.

Trump is appealing the matter, and, in the meantime, the appellate court has only required Trump to post $175 million of the $450 million penalty.

This, however, is not enough for James.

The latest

James recently asked a judge to block Trump's $175 million bond.

"State lawyers said in court filings Friday that the former president and his co-defendants — the Trump Organization and its top executives, including his two eldest sons — failed to prove the surety Trump used to obtain the bond actually has the money to back it," The Hill reports.

The outlet adds, "They also say the defendants did not show that 'sufficiently secure and ascertainable' collateral backs the bond."

The video explains it all

Many are probably wondering why James feels it is necessary to take this step of trying to get Trump's $175 million bond revoked. The Citizens Free Press believes that they have the answer.

They posted a video compilation showing James campaigning on "getting Trump." And, the outlet has particularly pointed people to about the 45-second mark of the video.

At this point, James calls Trump an "illegitimate president" and vows to treat him with "the same level of respect" with which he treated former President Barack Obama - "absolutely no respect at all."

This pretty much sums the whole matter up.

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